World Digital Mining Summit 2023

World Digital Mining Summit 2023

Bitmain officially launched two new Antminer bitcoin miners at the Global Digital Mining Summit (WDMS 2023) on 22 September: the ANTMINER S21 Hyd. 335T 16J/T and the ANTMINER S21 200T 17.5J/T , which are the highest-efficiency miners currently available.

Introducing the ANTMINER S21

Under the banner of “Empower the Bull Market, Harness the Power of Timing,” the summit is set to guide clients in strategically positioning themselves within the mining industry to maximize gains in the upcoming crypto bull market. Throughout the event, Bitmain will unveil its most recent triumph in research and development — the ANTMINER S21 mining machine.

With the ANTMINER S21 poised to assume a leading role in Bitcoin mining, Bitmain’s ANTMINER series, which has reigned supreme in the mining sector of late, appears set to maintain its dominance. Bitmain asserts that the S21 represents a groundbreaking leap in computational power and efficiency, propelling the global mining industry into the 1XJ/T (Joules/Terahash) era.

Continual Advancements in Efficiency

Bitmain has consistently spearheaded technological innovation within the industry, commencing with the S9 model, which first shattered the 100J/T barrier, and culminating with the S19 series, boasting efficiency ratings of 34.5J/T, 29.5J/T, 21.5J/T, and 20.8J/T. The forthcoming S21 is anticipated to uphold this legacy of ever-increasing efficiency for Bitcoin miners.

Beyond technological strides, Bitmain is leveraging the summit to offer perks to attendees. The company will introduce a customer points system that enables clients to apply for credit limits for S21 miners based on their accumulated points, allowing them to mine first and settle payments later. Furthermore, this points system will facilitate the conversion of points into exclusive coupons for the ANTMINER S21.

A Strategic Hong Kong Venue

The choice of Hong Kong as the summit’s venue appears deliberate rather than coincidental. Over the past year, this Chinese autonomous region has taken significant steps toward becoming a hub for blockchain and crypto-related businesses.

Hong Kong has recently unveiled a series of supportive blockchain policies, attracting a substantial pool of Web3 talent. The summit will also feature keynote speeches from local government officials, underscoring the local administration’s commitment to seizing every opportunity to advance Hong Kong’s strategic objective of promoting crypto, blockchain, and Web3 technologies within the city.

Bitcoin mining is unrelenting in its pursuit of heightened efficiency, primarily in two critical domains. Firstly, in terms of energy input costs, miners continue to pioneer innovations, making it increasingly challenging to remain competitive without access to nearly cost-free energy sources. This drive has led to the sourcing of surplus and often renewable energy that would otherwise go to waste.

The second major factor is the efficiency of the mining equipment itself. Entities gaining early access to the latest generation of miners from Bitmain and other manufacturers immediately gain an efficiency advantage over their competitors, enhancing their ability to unlock Bitcoin mining rewards on the Bitcoin network.

Antminer S21

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