Innosilion Power Supply G1266 G1240

Place of Origin China
China Guangdong
Brand Name Innosilicon
Model Number 1173 Power Supply
Output Power 1800W
Output Type DUAL
Input Voltage 200-285V
Output Voltage 12V
Output Frequency /
Output Current /
Delivery ready to ship

Innosilion Power Supply G1266 G1240 PSU G1173 G1240 G1266 G1286 G1306 T2


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Name:Innosilion Power Supply

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Innosilicon
Model Number: 1173 Power Supply
Output Power: 1800W
Output Type: DUAL
Input Voltage: 200-285V
Voltage: 12V
Delivery: Ready to ship


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