What are the functional differences of the MicroBT M50 miner?

We all know that MicroBT releases WhatsMiner M50 series, MicroBT M50 miner and M50S Miner

MicroBT M50s miner

As one of the top mining hardware manufacturers in the industry, MicroBT released a new generation of Whatsminer M50 series at the Bitcoin 2022 event held in Miami, USA on April 6.

Unlike other mining machine manufacturers in the industry, MicroBT focuses on full-custom chip design and only provides Bitcoin mining machines. Mining experts see it as a wise decision to avoid resource misallocation, and mining leaders see it as an allegiance to Bitcoin.

This time, MicroBT released the in-depth details of Whatsminer M50S, M50, M53 fifth-generation high-efficiency air-cooled and water-cooled mining hardware. According to the company, WhatsMiner M50s is an ultra-low-voltage energy-saving air-cooled bitcoin mining hardware that uses a 5nm processor from semiconductor manufacturing giant Samsung, which is 15% more efficient than the previous generation:

The new Whatsminer M50S has a computing power of 126 terahertz per second (TH/s), a power efficiency of 26 joules per terahertz (J/TH), and an operating power of 3276 watts (W);

15% more energy efficient than the previous mining game changer M30S++;

M30S++ only have 112T Hashrate, But M50S Hashrate can reach to 126T, its better than M30S++. 


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