Why choose Jasminer X4 1U Miner?

Why choose Jasminer X4 1U Miner?

Jasminer X4 1U Miner makes crypto mining more efficient and energy efficient

Jasminer x4 1u miner
Jasminer x4 1u blockchain miner

The high-throughput chip used by JASMINER X4 adopts the 3DIC process. By placing the data storage unit and the computing unit on the same chip, it can greatly improve the computing parallelism and energy efficiency. The innovative design of JASMINER enables users to experience high energy without fear It is very friendly to the environment.

“Thanks to JASMINER’s excellent high-throughput chips, it hardly emits a lot of energy consumption, and the expenditure on electricity for mining has been significantly reduced. The biggest help this brings to miners is the increase in mining profits. This technology is worthwhile. The whole miner manufacturer comes to learn.” said well-known crypto KOL @THE HOBBYIST miner after using the product for two weeks.

In Jasminer’s view, ESG (environmental, social and governance) compliance is still a required course for most technology companies, and more mining companies will follow the trend of carbon neutral or renewable power mining next year. Therefore, based on the consideration of saving mining power costs, JASMINER will continue to create clean mining products for the benefit of the majority of miners.

Clean energy is a shortcut to carbon neutrality and the key to easing global power shortages while improving miners’ return on investment. Competition in the pursuit of green computing products will not only make the industry more mature, but also incentivize the use of more renewable energy. Therefore, in the “gold rush” era of mining, more companies such as JASMINER, which are famous for their energy-saving and power-saving products, are called to appear, ushering in a more efficient era of encrypted mining operations.


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