Case Study One: A client from USA

How we solve the trust and payment issues.

An ASIC miner business case study. Blockchain Miner Customers from the United States, is a large B2B buyer, whose main core business is the sale of ASIC mining machines.

Main issues we faced during the negotiation.

  1. Trust issues
  2. Time difference
  3. Payment issues
  4. Logistics issues


Question 1: Since the customer is trading with us for the first time, he does not have enough knowledge and trust in our company.

Solution 1: The problem of mutual trust. We choose the communication method that customers trust, such as communication on the platform (Alibaba). After establishing relative trust, customers request to be contacted through Whatsapp. In addition, we will invite customers to conduct video conferences to showcase our company, so that customers can increase their trust in us.

Question 2: Due to the time difference between the customer and us

Solution 2: For the time difference problem. There is a 12-hour time difference between China and the United States. In order to get in touch with our customers better, we will negotiate a time period to contact our customers, (i.e. 10 pm China time, 10 am New York time) so that we can communicate with each other More convenient and effective cooperation.

Question 3: For the first time cooperation, customers may worry about payment

Solution 3: When customers place an order for the first time, they may not trust us very much. The customer returned to the (Alibaba) platform to inform us that the 50USDT deposit has been paid, and let us confirm the payment.
At that time, it was already our off-duty time and it was relatively late. We could not confirm whether the customer’s payment had arrived. We asked the customer not to pay the balance first. When we went to work the next day, after confirming that the payment was received, we asked the customer to pay the balance.

Question 4: Customers will worry about logistics timeliness and costs

Solution 4: For the logistics and transportation of mining machine products, we usually provide customers with UPS or DHL logistics transportation, and we will choose a cost-effective logistics method for customers. And timely update the latest logistics information to customers.

According to the dynamics of the mining machine market, timely update information to customers. Customers have more needs to buy Antminer S19. Know the product information that customers mainly push, and update the price in time. Let customers know the latest Antminer S19 market price dynamics.

Customer A is not only our mining machine supplier, but also other suppliers. When customers have problems working with other suppliers, turn to us for help. We will try our best to help customers contact suppliers and help them solve problems.

Through our services and products, we let customers know the latest mining machine market trends and the corresponding price advantages, help customers better promote mining machines, and achieve corresponding sales goals. Customer A has consistently placed 150 orders for us, and the last order was for Antminer S19 XP.


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