About Bitcoin Miner S19 XP Hyd.

Bitcoin Miner S19 XP Hyd.

Bitmain releases water-cooled mining machine S19 XP Hydro, with a computing power of up to 198 TH per second

Bitmain, one of the largest mining machine manufacturers in the world, has released the brand new Antminer S19 XP Hyd. The computing power directly crushes the current strongest mining machine to an astonishing 198TH per second. Its secret weapon is water.

Bitcoin Miner S19 XP Hyd.
Bitcoin Miner S19 XP Hyd.

Bitmain Antminer S19 XP Hyd was officially released this week, and its computing power has reached the top. It has become the most powerful Bitcoin mining machine in the world, with a maximum of 198 Terahash per second, and the most powerful mining machine on the market. , the computing power is only 110 TH/s.

The energy consumption of this new mining machine is 5304W and the energy efficiency is 20.8J/TH. With such a huge energy consumption, Bitmain recommends users to use their specially designed mining machine storage cabinet Antspace HK3. This container-like mining rack provides 1MW power supply can supply 210 groups of S19 XP Hyd mining machines.

The powerful computing power of the S19 XP Hyd is actually simple and crude. Although the detailed specifications have not been announced, it should use the same TSMC 7nm custom chip as the S19 Pro mining machine. The computing power of each chip is nearly 322G, so the whole machine is packed with more than 600 chips. The chips should be placed on 6 hash boards.

But more computing power boards, the more amazing the temperature. Compared with the previous cooling solution that used streamlined integrated heat sinks and 4 1.65A fans, the new mining machine uses a specific water cooling solution. The internal configuration has not been disclosed yet, but it is obvious that its The heat dissipation effect is much better than that of the fan, which can be stuffed into so many hash boards.

Bitmain expects to ship the S19 Pro Hyd from May 2022. Large mining farms such as Bitnile and Greenidge Generation Holding have already pre-ordered the S19 XP and S19 Pro. The price of each mining machine is about $11,000. The water-cooled version of the mining machine provides higher computing power, and the price may be much higher. At the moment when the bitcoin price is low, I don’t know how many mining farms are willing to invest.

As you know about S19 XP Hyd. S19 PRO Bitcoin Miner, S19 XP Bitcoin Miner and L7 Litecoin Miner also can be your first option.

For more details about S19 PRO Miner, we will show you more details about Antminer S19 PRO Miner on videos.


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