What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Miner is a cryptocurrency and a distributed digital currency. Its creator is known anonymously as “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Bitcoins are created by encrypting a specific set of data known as the “blockchain”. BTC uses cryptography to ensure the security and immutability of currency transactions, which means that Bitcoin transactions cannot be tampered with. Bitcoin is completely decentralized, meaning it is not controlled by any government or financial institution, and can be transacted anonymously on the internet.

Bitcoin Transaction Method

BTC is a digital currency that uses cryptography to encrypt and confirm transactions. Bitcoin is traded as follows:
First, you need to set up a bitcoin wallet and transfer bitcoins to it. You can use third-party wallet services or software wallets to manage your bitcoins.

You can trade using a bitcoin exchange or an online marketplace. A bitcoin exchange is a website or platform where you can buy and sell bitcoins. An online marketplace is a platform where you can trade directly with other bitcoin holders.

When you decide to buy bitcoins, you can pay with cash, debit card or credit card. You can also use other digital currencies, such as Ethereum or Litecoin, as the currency of the transaction.
When you decide to sell bitcoins, you can transfer them to an exchange or online marketplace and sell them to anyone willing to buy them. You can also transfer bitcoins to another bitcoin wallet as a payment method.

During the transaction, you need to pay a handling fee to ensure that the transaction can be confirmed by the network and recorded on the blockchain.

The prerequisite for obtaining Bitcoin is to have a Bitcoin wallet of your own. You can buy one or download one. Here are several ways to obtain Bitcoin:

A: Coin mining
At present, there are two main methods of Bitcoin mining, the first is hardware mining, and the second is cloud mining.

Use a computer to download the Bitcoin client software, and start mining after connecting to the Internet. However, as the number of Bitcoins being mined is increasing, the difficulty of computer mining is very high.

There is also a bitcoin mining machine that obtains bitcoins through a large number of calculations through the hash algorithm. Everyone knows that the number of bitcoins is a constant 21 million. As time goes by, the number of people mining will increase and the number will decrease accordingly. .

B: Buy coins

1. If you don’t want to mine, you can go to a regular trading platform to buy bitcoins, but the price of bitcoins fluctuates greatly, so you should be cautious when trading and pay attention to the risks behind it.

2. Download the software of the exchange on the mobile phone to bind the payment method, and then you can buy bitcoins in it and wait for the appreciation, which is similar to the mode of stock trading. This is also the most direct way to obtain Bitcoin, also known as currency speculation.

3. Contract trading is similar to spot trading, but you can go long or short. Generally, contract trading is to earn the price difference of Bitcoin, not to earn Bitcoin.

What are the Bitcoin mining equipment?

Bitmain’s Antminer Bitcoin Miner mining machine Antminer, the main models include

1) Antminer S17 Pro, S17, T17, S15, T15, S11, S9se, S9k, S9j, s9i, S9, T9+, etc. for mining Bitcoin BTC
2) Ant mining machines Z11, Z11j, Z11e, Z9, Z9mini, etc. that mine Zcash ZEC;
3) Ant mining machines L5, L3++, L3+, etc. for mining Litecoin LTC;
4) Ant mining machines DR5, DR3, etc. for digging DCR;
5) Ant mining machines D5, D3, etc. that mine DASH.

Innosilicon’s core mining machine, the main models include

1) Core mining machines T3+, T3, T2T, T2, T1, etc. for mining Bitcoin BTC;
2) Core mining machines A9, A9+, A9++, etc. for mining ZEC;
3) Core mining machines A6+, A4+, A6, A4, etc. for mining Litecoin LTC;
4) Core mining machines D9+, D9, etc. for digging DCR;

Canaan’s AvalonMiner, the main models include

Avalon mining machines A1066, A1047, A911, A921, A920, A851, A841, A821, A721, A741, etc. for mining Bitcoin BTC.

MicroBT’s WhatsMiner Bitcoin Miner , the main models include

Whatsminer M20S, M21S, M10S, M20, M10, M21, M3, etc. for mining Bitcoin BTC.

Yibang Technology’s wing bit mining machine EbitMiner, the main models include

Ebitminer E12+, E11++, E12, E10, E9.3, E9i, E9.2, E9+, etc. for mining Bitcoin BTC.


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