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What is Advantage of Antminer KA3 Miner?

2022 New Arrivals Bitmain Antminer KA3 Mining  Machine

Learn about the latest KDA ecosystem: the evolved Antminer KA3 Mining Machine

The new product ANTMINER KA3 launched by BITMAN has powerful computing power and low power consumption. The operational precision of the Bitmain KDA Miner KA3 creates the ideal KDA mining experience. Compared with the current market output, the outstanding computing performance of the KA3 166T represents a 10-fold increase in computing performance. The KA3 innovates efficiency into a new era of energy saving and increases the level of performance improvement below 100J/T, offering a new industry standard of 19.0T.

The ANTMINER KA3 uses the Blake2S algorithm to provide a smooth mining experience, putting it at the forefront of Kadena cryptocurrency mining. The latest design of BITMAN’s top 19 series products adopts the most cutting-edge air-cooled heat dissipation technology to provide miners with the best protection and power the KA3. The increase in computational performance can be seen in ANTMINER KA3, one of KDA’s top miners.

Specifications of the evolved version of Antminer KA3:

1. Energy consumption:

The profitability of equipment is significantly affected by electricity usage. The less power the device uses, the more efficiently it operates. The power efficiency of the KDA3 is 3154W. This power consumption is staggering considering the device’s hash rate. Therefore, the cost of electricity and waste of energy resources are greatly reduced.

2. Weight and Dimensions:

ASIC miners have to be moved to their proper location in the home, and they are small and lightweight for easy portability. Therefore, ASIC miners for domestic mining must be small and lightweight. The Bitman KA3 miner weighs only 14000g and ideally measures 195 x 290 x 400mm. This makes it suitable for farm and residential mining.

3. Voltage:

Voltage usage is a key factor in determining miner efficiency. The voltage used by the Bitman ANTMINER KA3 is around 12 V, which is by far the highest voltage possible for cryptocurrency mining. The lowest voltage to install is 12 V, which is also the most efficient. As far as current goes, you can use shorter breakers on the breaker board, which is one of the main benefits.

4. Noise generation:

The noise-generating capability of the device is critical. Compared to other ASIC miners from Bitman, the new ANTMINET KA3 produces a lot of noise, around 80 dB. There are many ways to reduce noise, including noise filters, active noise cancelers, and Antminer silencers. All features help the miner to effectively reduce noise and allow mining in any location.

5. Computing power:

An important factor in evaluating the profitability of an ASIC miner is its hash rate. The maximum hash rate that an ASIC miner can achieve is 166Th for KA3. With this hash rate, it is feasible to make a profit of $70.30 per day.

6. Algorithm:

KA3 uses the Blake2S algorithm. Blake2S generates digests of size 1 to 32 bytes for 8-bit to 32-bit processors. The main advantages of Blake2s are its simplicity, increased security, and speed, which all have some positive mining effects. BLAKE2b and BLAKE2s have the ability to run on only one CPU core. It can be fully mined on the GPU.

7. Temperature:

Temperature is a critical factor as it has an impact on the overall health of a device. The effectiveness and usefulness of the device may decrease with increasing temperature. The maximum and minimum temperatures for the Bitman KA3 model are 5 °C and 35 °C, respectively. It helps reduce overheating of the device and maintain the health of the device for a long time.

8. Coins mined by KA3:

KADENA coin is the only cryptocurrency mined by KA3. The most valuable coin is called Kadena and is produced by miners. Since Kadena is currently the most valuable and profitable coin, its value has skyrocketed. The fact that this coin can be mined for 120 years as it is a fixed coin is one of its most notable features. This provides miners with the opportunity to make money from these currencies. Since KDA is listed on several important exchanges, you probably own it too.

Other KDA Mining Machine

Models Hash Rate Power Consuptiom
Power Efficiency
Antminer KA3 166T 3154 19.0
Goldshell KD MAX 40.2T 3350 83.3
Goldshell KD6 29.2T 2560 87.7
Goldshell KD6 SE 25.3T 2300 90.9
Goldshell KD LITE 16.2T 1330 82.1
Goldshell KDBOX PRO 2.6T 230 88.5

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